How to Hit the Reset Button on Your Life

What to do when it’s all too much.

Have you ever felt like you were going to explode?

Like you’d rather scream, put your fist through a wall, or break some bricks before you take another step?

Like you just need to blow it all to hell?

Too many things to do.

Too many responsibilities.

Too much bullcrap.

And it all falls on you to take care of it.

Your average person doesn’t know this, but there’s a secret “Reset Button” hiding in plain sight.

Rather than struggling to deal with the crushing reality of a life that doesn’t always go the way you want it to, try this:

You’re sitting at the helm of a ship and you’re stuck in enemy waters. Half your crew is dead, you’re almost out of fuel, and you’re surrounded.

The good news is, you have a special button that detonates the ship in an atomic hellfire.

What do you do?

You’re sure to be captured and marched shamefully off the ship in chains. You could struggle on, enduring torture, endless interrogations, and the inevitable praise and parties if you’re rescued.

Or in an instant, you could be free.

That reset button, the launching of the bomb that ends everything – is not just an illustration. It’s a real power that all of us have.

Blowing up all that worthless suffering and conflict in your life is simple. It’s so simple that we overlook it all the time.

Pause. Take an honest look at this moment. Take the whole thing in. Now who is aware of this?

That’s the whole process.

One metaphor for this is “going within” but that’s not really it. That sounds too much like you’re retreating, and what I’m actually talking about is radical engagement with what’s happening.

Everyone has had this experience, or you wouldn’t believe me:

You’re caught in a ferris wheel of swirling thoughts, worries, future plans, and past mistakes, when suddenly in the middle of unbearable stress a click happens…

And everything disappears.

As if the one who was experiencing the situation just vanished and the pure experience is all that’s there.

But maybe you missed that this is a repeatable process, and something you can lean on at any time in any circumstance.

How to Press the Life Reset Button

This is impossible to describe, but you know it when you do it because it works immediately and has the promised effects.

Here’s what I do:

  1. Relax.
  2. No thinking is required.
  3. Who notices all sensation?

You may feel a kind of silence in a crowd, or you may feel “above it all”.

Because here’s the thing – this atomic bomb has immediate effects. Whether you’re up at night tortured by thinking about your endless plans…

… or worried about not having enough time to do what you need to…

… or feeling like you’ll never get it all done.

This practice works.

The result of doing it?

There’s no more pressure. No more anger, no more stress.

Whatever you’re worried about gets eaten by this nuclear blast.

Sure, meditation can help, but you don’t need to meditate at all to take advantage of this.

Everyone has had that experience where nothing matters and the surety of this experience keeps you looking for a repeat experience.

But you don’t need to find it because it’s right here.

Rediscover that button.

Rediscover this awareness that penetrates every situation since before you were born.

What have you got to lose?