Magic Medicine for a Free Life

I used to be a bit like a doctor. Take a look at people and offer prescriptions.

I can’t do that anymore.

There’s nothing wrong with you and there never can be.

And yet you probably have this gnawing feeling now and then, (or literally all the time), that something is wrong with you. In fact you probably insist that this is true. And yet… how can it be so my friend?

So much of our activity is based on this feeling of inadequacy and incompleteness.

We roll and rumble through life trying to find that missing piece, that bit of satisfaction that’s missing. Depending on how long you’ve been at it, you’re guaranteed to try virtually every form of happiness that is offered.

Work, family, drugs, sex, religion.

Every attempt is going to come up incomplete and until you see why, your life’s going to be a boatload of suffering. Sure, there’ll be happy times, but the dominant underlying thought will be that there’s something missing, and you’ve got to do more to get it.

That’s because you will never be complete as a person. Every person is limited, body and mind. But transcending the person and the personal, we leave behind the limits that once set the boundaries of our world.

Free then, of boundaries, what can you do but dance in the delight of creation?